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Calligraphy Workshop by the unschooled artist.

Midway into December, Chaos Theory was the host of a Calligraphy Workshop by Farheen Khan, the Unschooled Artist. Farheen is a multi potential artist and the creative head at the Tie-up, an event planning entrepreneurial venture.

She is aiming to build an art community of “unUSuals” along with her other works of art.


The artist herself – Farheen Khan

This 25 years old self taught artist believes in the concept of Unschooling to the core. She has trained herself to become an artist, a designer and a social worker. Her art works are primarily conceptual and have been curated for exhibitions and cafes in Nagpur, she has recently designed the interiors and furniture for Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters, worked as an Art Director for a web series, made street art concerning social issues, designed an accessory for the visually challenged, has taught over 300 people in various art workshops, worked with two NGOs to study and help design curriculum for underprivileged children, was a part of a team where they started 2 businesses in 21days, did a successful 10-day Art Festival (Art Attack) in collaboration with The TIE Up and Pablo where she launched ‘UnKahi-The Art Talk’, produces Calligraphy Dip Pens and Unschooled Jewelry and works as a Creative Head for The TIE Up.


The workshop began with the introductions of everyone in attendance and Farheen giving them a background on herself. The history of calligraphy was the starting topic. She explained about how every different culture affects modern calligraphy.

Farheen Khan with the participants of the workshop.

The unschooled artist provided with all the necessary stationary including the paper, pens and practice sheets required to help everyone at the workshop. She talked about strokes, waves and flows of the alphabets as the audience gripped onto the beautiful letters created in front of them. The rest of the workshop went smoothly as the Master taught them the use of ink and how calligraphy can be a mode of artistic expression and therapy. We hope to collaborate with the Unschooled Artist again and thank her for her time and teachings.

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